DAX (exclamationpoint) (snarftastiko) wrote,
DAX (exclamationpoint)

the fall of the house of sukeban.

SO in case you were unaware, "SUKEBAN" has come to a close.

the time is now upon us to rise up and take what is rightfully ours...fame, fortune, notoriety, but most importantly WORLD DOMINATION.

with the recent chosen departure of miss Kaori Androide from the house of Sukeban, the crew and i felt it was inappropriate to continue on with the name she spawned.

we are currently still bonded together with a love of performance and art, creation and chaos, party and party favoritism in hopes of starting a new event somewhere in the near future.

i have taken control and lead the helm of our--as of yet unnamed--group of miscreant twattlings in the optimistic search for a new place to call "home".

i've made many efforts to reach out to those i know and those i dont know in hopes of finding a bar, club, establishment, shack, flop house, out house, or whore house to call our own.

i have many ideas for the group and have spent the past week in an unending "brainstorm" mode.

somehow i keep myself awake with new ideas for costumes and vehicles for my friends and performers form the former "house of Sukeban" and i have full faith that something will materialize for us in the very near future.

Tonight was the opening of Chris Buxbaum's "transformers" exhibit at the Cherry Lion gallery.

it marked--this month no less-- the exact year end date of the humble beginnings of sukeban. Featuring an assorted collection of large format paparazzi style, hyper-realistic, photographs of past events. the whole gallery was laid out with in-the-moment portraits as if the viewer was surrounded by a sea of painted eyes.

the neon colored subjects were there in person as well. the entire cast showed up dressed in funerary attire to mourn the loss of the one thing that brought them all together.

Naomi Munroe, Dusty A-Go-go, Vanity Sinclair Uncanney, Amber Alertt, Nea D' Angel (ooor she would have if not stricken with the flu), myself, and of course our DJ...DJ Westwood A-Gogo. all dressed in black on black in their own unique ways to symbolize the passing of a great thing.

though, its not all sad! everyone was in good spirits and in great candor to discuss up in coming group projects. we all got a chance to pitch ideas and discuss dislikes of past events as well as hopes for the future. everyone seems to be on essentially the same page and ready to get to work on something completely new and different.

there were appearances by Sukeban regulars like David Richardson, who somehow got the memo and woree as many black buttons as he could. mister Stacey Wall played the part of leaison to new contacts for the group, and scondary (but equally important) photographer Andy Forbes all joined the fun! there was an appearance the world-wide avant gaurde society of "the sister's of perpetual indulgence"...who in full regail, stopped traffic as they normally do.

as opposed to being on any kind of heroic mission, the Atlanta chapter of the sisters surfaced to pay homage to a local atlanta artist. ((though, it doesn't hurt that a couple large photographs of their members are currently gracing the walls of the small gallery.))

couples, both gay and straight wandered in.

some with children, some without. i was honored aaaand kindof weirded oout by being the first drag queen that some of the kids had ever met. but the little girls loved my shoes and the boys were mostly amazed at my height.

however, whether or not they meant to, they brought with them a demeanor of understanding, acceptance, and excitement into the space. people who had been and people who had never been to a sukeban event became anxious and excited about the next one.

sadly though, it became my grave responsibility to tell them the news.

part of me wished there were a large black lacquer coffin in the center of the room. filled with brightly colored crinolin tubing, an assortment of glittery objects, brightly colored helium balloons and topped with a somber black dress laid out in the shape of an unidentifiable human figure similar to the wedding clothes in the say-once scene in "beetlejuice"... that would have given them the hint that "Sukeban" is dead.

(though now i'm sad because Glenn Shaddix aka "Otho" in the movie died earlier this year...awww)

at any rate, the opening was a grand success.

many congratulations are due to Chris on all of his hard work! and thanks too! he allowed me to make a small display of framed digital prints of a selection of my favorite sukeban promotional posters--and if i hadnt been in such a rush to get there, maybe i would have been able to sell a few too...but oh well.

at any rate, it was a fabulous night. people of all walks of life got to take a quick gander at a slice of atlanta nightlife that somehow managed to escape them.

they brought their friends, families, kids, and checkbooks out to a small (easily missed) gallery and unbeknown-st to them...somehow managed to revive my sense of optimism for Atlanta.

it fills me with hope for future events and for future plans and lets me know that my friends, my performers, and i will be fine. it just might take a while.

"how'd the rest of the night go?" you may ask..well the short answer is i got drunk, the long answer is--well...i just gave you a pretty long something so stop asking so many questions!


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