DAX (exclamationpoint) (snarftastiko) wrote,
DAX (exclamationpoint)

Paris Hilton, princess of unicorns.

SO sukeban 9: "Who's yer Pony?!" was this sunday.

the turnout was less than we'd hoped or expected for but the gurls and i had a good time regardless.

a few shots from the night have started to surface on facebook, observe!:

Featuring the debut of my new duet partner, Jarpi the Unicorn! (i plan on pioneering the confusing genre of drag muppetry arts)

And of course, Iphone pics:

yeah...SO in other news, the past couple of weeks have been STRESSFUL and hectic and horrible. with my car situation and random emergencies sprouting up left and right and then costuming for sukeban and deejaying on mondays, i've not been able to really focus on drawing.

i've got deadlines that need to be met and honestly i'm kindof looking forward to my car being in the shop for the next two weeks, it'll give me an excuse to not leave home and focus on important things.

anyway, i just wanted to update.



theres now video...


hopefully you can watch it on facebook. if not, i appologize.

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