DAX (exclamationpoint) (snarftastiko) wrote,
DAX (exclamationpoint)

What a way to wake up....

So, i'm nominated for GA voice's "Best of Atlanta" this year.

for Best Drag Queen.

I'm in the same category as Nicole Paige Brooks and Sonique.

Which, needless to say is shocking that people even nominated me enough to get on that list with them, considering that they've both been on Rupaul's Drag Race.

Anyway, Voting is open till the end of the month, and YOU can vote every day till then!

SO GO! and Vote For Me!



also, look for Barry Brandon for best male musician, Arge and Katie Stover for best Artist, and Zac for best bartender!

I dont know what you get if you win, but i dont care, it'd just be awesome to win!

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