DAX (exclamationpoint) (snarftastiko) wrote,
DAX (exclamationpoint)

Sloppy-mania 1

SO i've been working on this illustration for the next Sloppy Seconds Flyer for a little while now.

i think total, i've done maybe three versions of it...me being a craaaazy perfectionist, i of course had to design and re-design costumes for the figures involved. as well as giving them backstory and a reason to be fighting and then i had to decide who'd win the fight.

...yeah...i get way too involved.

I actually redrew the whole thing yesterday and spent the night coloring it and guzzling a potent blend of coffee, redbull, and cigarettes.

ANYWAY, enough about that..on to the pictures!


The Inspiration by Boris Vallejo. a painting i found randomly online. thankfully Boris loves drawing beefy sexy ladies wrestling or just posing and looking feirce.

enough about that though, if you dont know who Boris Vallejo is, i HIGLY advise you look into his work, or that of his wife--fantasy artist and part time female body builder: Julie Bell.

OH and also Joe jusko, because i love his work also.

ANYWAY...Line Work:

Followed by Color:


anyway, i'm done now. i'll post the final flyer when its all completed!

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