DAX (exclamationpoint) (snarftastiko) wrote,
DAX (exclamationpoint)


have i ever mentioned how much i hate it when people "suggest" things to me?

cuz i do. let me explain.

Every day (or at least every other day) someone i know and/or love has a BRILLIANT idea for a thing that i SHOULD do.

for example:

*makeup tutorials for youtube
*online radio shows
*launching my own website
*joining/starting a band
*working at suchandsucha place

and where i know people only have my best interests in mind and i am flattered that they feel as though i have the capability to do magnificent things...still...lets see--how do i put it-- NO ONE IS EVER WILLING TO HELP ME.

so to anyone with a genius idea for a thing for me, please keep them to yourself unless you are willing and capable to help me.

dont give me suggestions for a thing that you dont know anything about. dont give me pointers on how to do anything you have no experience in. dont offer up "new ideas" that you just had involving something you are not involved in.

unless theres an actual legitimate way you can help me make your vision for me a reality, dont bother speaking up at all.

I got this.

thank you.

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