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Get Crucial.

SO needless to say, I had a WEEKEND! i'm still recovering. after Sloppymania @ MJQ on saturday, Bedlam on sunday, an then Deejaying at Mary's on monday i'm BEAT...

BUT enough about that, back to bedlam:

I was Babs Bunny...from Tiny Toon Adventures.

it was hot so by the time i arrived i had pink pit stains and my body paint had started to crackle, peel, and drip off of me! it really upset me, but the party must continiue!

Step Zero: the Pre-test

Step 1: Pinkerizing

I had to take a break after this step because i couldnt stop laughing at myself in the mirror.

Step 2: Highlighting

Step 3: Shadow and contouring

Step 4: Bunny Ears by Zac!

Step 5: Body painting and cigarettes

...and yes, i got fake bucked teeth.

Why Doncha do right?

Theeen the straps on my second performance outfit broke.

but i didnt care.

EITHER WAY! i'm eagerly anticipating more photos from the party, it was fun, it was crazy, it was HOT... if you havent checked out Bedlam yet, i please make an appearance next time! we're trying to turn it into the biggest, wackiest, party in Atlanta.

By the time i got home, i looked like this:




Come out to MJQ this Saturday for Doctor Osaka's Escape to the Electroport! for human sacrifices, lots of feathers, and me as a craaazy drag-shaman!

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